My Soulmate Lover




Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.







Sometimes in an ordinary life something extraordinary happens - Love...


Love that is so rare and special that it's a gift from heaven itself - the love of a soulmate. It will change you forever and it will always be with you. Your life will never be the same again no matter how much time had passed. Years after meeting your soulmate you will call her name with a longing and ache in your heart like you've never felt before.


You will know what a unconditional love feels like and all the mysteries of life and the universe will be revealed to you. God himself will whisper his secrets in your ear and you will know Love. Will you follow your souls destination or will you close your heart and run away? That choice will be yours.


Still, at the end, if nothing else, you will be able to say "I have loved.." After all, that's all there is... Nothing else is real.


You will know when it happens...



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